A monotype is a unique (one of a kind) print on paper. It is created by painting on a ridged plate such as zinc, Plexiglas or glass, laying on paper, then running through a press. Generally each color is created with a separate plate. But colors can be mixed, there are no hard rules when creating a monotype, and many times they are mixed with other types of traditional printmaking, such as lithography, woodcuts, or etching. Schermer is attracted to this medium for its spontaneity and its closeness to painting. There is an immediacy and tactile quality that other print media cannot offer.

Schermer works with master printer, Craig O’Brian of O’Brian Graphics in Basalt, Colorado. O’Brian is recognized as a leader in his field having worked with many of the American Masters of the 20th Century (e.g. Rauschenberg, Johns, de Kooning, Kelly, Fink, Warhol).

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